The Whole Self Experience Of The Universe Mother Spirit

I appreciate that The Urantia Book provides details about the Divine Feminine. I’ve read about the attributes of God the Mother, the Supreme Being. l marvel at the contributions of the Local Universe Mother Spirit.

I enjoy studying the feminine aspects of Deity, but my relationship with Mother is not intellectual.

Connecting with the Universe Mother Spirit is personal, direct, unfiltered, visceral, tangible, pervasive. I don’t sense her in my head, but rather in my entire self. I feel her in my toes and spine and muscles.  I feel her in my heartbeat and my breath. I connect with her when the sun touches my skin, when I snuggle into bed at night, when the wind blows, when birds sing, when children giggle.

Mother is my gravity. She sustains me, encourages me, makes me feel safe.  

She gives me hope and courage.

Meditating one morning on the beach, I felt as if she was filling my heart with the entire ocean. Recently, I’ve felt her calming me as I sat in a dentist’s chair. I’ve begged her for advice during meetings. Her replies are like sensations of light pouring down my spine. Mother clarifies solutions.

We live in the Universe Mother’s womb. As embryonic spirits, we rely on her for our very existence.

Where would any of us be without her?

During the past decade, I’ve come to realize that women’s gatherings provide a glimpse into the workings of the Supreme Being.

Paper 115 says that with God the Supreme, achievement is prerequisite to status; one must DO something as well as be something. Paper 116 tells us that the experience of every evolving creature personality is part of the experience of the Supreme. Paper 117 says that when we reveal God’s love to others, as Jesus commanded us to do, that this affection is a true reflection of the love of God the Mother, the Supreme Being.      

When women gather, we share our inner lives. We share our burdens and joys, challenges and successes, failures and hopes and fears. Vicariously, we experience the events that happen in other women’s lives. As decades pass, we observe an unending spiral of events passing continuously throughout our lives. Listening to each other, we increase our personal awareness in a wide variety of human situations. We learn lessons from others without having had their experiences ourselves.

I personally have never experienced cancer. But I have been with people as they’ve lived through it, and I have heard the stories of women who eventually died of it. We don’t need to have cancer, lose a child, be incarcerated, struggle with homelessness, or heal from rape ourselves, to know the effects these challenges have on people. We don’t need to personally experience marriage, or child birth, or professional success to feel the joy these experiences provoke in the lives of others.

Just as our human experiences contribute to the growth of the Supreme, our shared experiences contribute to our collective spiritual growth. As we listen, our bonds of closeness increase. We weave our circles of friendship into love.

To me, each women’s gathering seems like a tiny cell in the body of God our Mother.  

References from The Urantia Book: Papers 115.0.1, 116.1.1, 117.1.8., 117.6.

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