Our Angels

Our Mother God is also the Creator-Mother of our own personal guardian angels, the loving spirit beings closest to us and most directly representative of Her presence in our daily lives. 

Our Mother God does “joyfully undergo an amazing series of divinity attenuations” until She stands by our sides as our angels (seraphim) guiding us through life. She  “downsteps” Herself in this way so we can receive even greater personal benefits from her mercy ministry in our lives.

Like all the other numerous spiritual influences dedicated to our growth, our angels act only in accordance with our own free will. Our angels never drive; they only lead. And it is solely our decision to cooperate with our angelic sisters. We can consciously choose to team up with our angel companions or we can choose to ignore and even negate their constant presence in our lives.

Our Angels are a Gift to Us from Our Mother God

While legends and stories about angels have long been embedded in our human culture, it is primarily through the teachings of The Urantia Book that we have become more familiar with the many orders of angels. Whenever we choose to acknowledge, appreciate, and even visualize our angels as a personal gift from Our Mother God, we deepen our capacity for spiritual receptivity.

Our angels take great joy and satisfaction in successfully nudging us towards encounters and experiences that expand our understanding of truth, beauty and goodness. We can literally partner with our angels and give them our enthusiastic support and permission to teach and guide us. Life does not necessarily become easier or less challenging but we will be cheered and encouraged knowing that our devoted angels are with us every step of the way throughout our life on earth and beyond death.

Source: The Urantia Book

We invite you to join us in our continuing exploration into the mystery of Our Mother God and Her Angels.

25 Important Things to Know About Our Angels

Our Angels…

  1. Volunteer to become our guardians.
  2. Serve together in pairs with one angel always on duty.
  3. Provide undivided attention and assistance.
  4. Focus on our spiritual and social progress.
  5. Understand us and love us.
  6. May have had experience serving on other worlds. 
  7. Develop an abiding affection for us. 
  8. Do not experience the animal fears that can debilitate and paralyze us.
  9. Share most of our emotions and experience some additional ones.
  10. Have individual names and numbers. 
  11. Work cooperatively with other spiritual influences.
  12. Help to personalize many of our spiritual experiences.
  13. Can manipulate the physical environment. 
  14. Play an essential part in our continuing progression.
  15. Stimulate our minds, working through social, ethical and moral domains.
  16. Function as personal ministers from Our Mother God.
  17. Teach us and guide us into new and progressive experiences.
  18. Lead us along paths of moral choosing and spiritual progress. 
  19. Prompt us to pray and augment our cosmic perspective. 
  20. Work in perfect harmony with our Indwelling Spirit.
  21. Care for us; have comparable spiritual emotions.
  22. Make the best possible use of our choices.  
  23. Follow the orders of their superiors on our behalf.
  24. Proceed to the next world upon our death and meet us there.
  25. Accompany us throughout our universe career. 

Source: The Urantia Book

We invite you to join us in our continuing exploration into the mystery of Our Mother God and Her Angels.