My Encounter With The Holy Spirit Of Our Universe Mother Spirit

Who is God our Mother to me? She is God our Mother Supreme in whose grand universe body we exist and grow, where we act out our lives and learn about God and the universe. This is the dynamic environment in which we learn to love and serve one another as spiritual brothers and sisters.

In loving one another, we can catch a glimpse of the evolving Supreme. Our Mother Supreme grows through our experiences as we slowly evolve into the spiritual likeness and consciousness of God our Father and Mother through our realization and actualization of the divine attributes of love, truth, beauty and goodness, and other God-like qualities.

God our Mother is also our Universe Mother Spirit, the co-creator with our father-brother Creator Son, of the vast and beautiful local universe in which we exist. She rules our universe jointly and equally with our Creator Son.

Together they provide us with a perfect template for the divine coordination of the qualities of God the Father and the Mother which originate in the Paradise Deities, who are, in effect, our Divine Grandparents and the original pattern of all family relationships on every level of the grand universe, down to this little evolutionary planet we call home.

Just like God our Father, our Mother God is invisible, but her presence is all around us. Her cosmic mind and energy pervade all the space of our local universe. We are actually living in the invisible field of her electromagnetic energy, which pervades the planet, and our physical bodies and all living things.

We have been created from the spark of life that she breathes into being, which lies hidden in every egg and seed. We are thinking, and feeling, and growing towards God using many levels of our Divine Mother’s cosmic mind.

She is my spiritual mother, your mother, every creature’s mother. She is the mother of the legions of angels who are all around us, invisibly guiding and guarding us. We can all know our Universe Mother, but to know her directly, to become conscious of her Holy Spirit, we must want to know her with a mind full of faith and love, just like we know God our Father.

Our Universe Mother Spirit is a real and loving divine personality, who is wholly but invisibly present to us as the Holy Spirit. We are taught that one of the defining qualities of personality is that it recognizes and responds directly to other-personality presences. Thus we can truly know her.

I know that we can know our Mother Spirit personally, because she made her presence known to me 35 years ago, at a time when I was feeling very much like a spiritual orphan in the universe.

The circumstances were that I had recently left my life as a Zen Buddhist monk, after many years of training and teaching. Leaving was one of the toughest decisions of my life, but one I had to make because that spiritual path was not sufficient and developed enough to answer all my questions and uphold my faith in God. My departure caused me suffering from the loss of my vocation and my Buddhist family. I felt quite alone in the universe.

And that’s when it happened … early one morning just before dawn. I was awakened from my sleep by a strange sensation. I became aware of a beautiful figure of light in my room shaped like a woman in a bluish-white robe of light with her hands outstretched to me.

The figure was rotating before me, showing me many different, beautiful and compassionate faces. I heard a voice in my mind saying “I am known by many names and faces in your world. I am your true mother and I love you. You are my daughter, a child of God and you are not alone.”

And then the figure vanished, and I was left transcended, in a state of indescribable love and joy, a feeling of divine belonging and finding my true home. I knew I had been touched by the Spirit, and that I was loved unconditionally by my divine Mother. The effects of this visit have been profound and permanent upon my character.

From that moment onwards I knew with certainty that each of us is a beloved child of God. Our divine parents may be invisible to our material eyes, but they can be perceived by our spiritual eyes when they are child-like, when we have faith and a completely sincere desire to know God and fathom who we truly are deep in our spiritual core.

Over the years, my discovery first of the divine Father fragment within my mind, and then of the Holy Mother Spirit and the Spirit of Truth bestowed by our Creator Son, has given inestimable divine value not only to my own life but to that of every person, without exception. These Trinity-derived spiritual forces function in a lovely, coordinated, and seamless way to reveal God to us, to elevate our souls to higher levels of God-consciousness, and to lead us unfailingly to our true home in Paradise.

There’s a beautiful symmetry to it and great joy and satisfaction in knowing that this relationship within us of God the Father and God the Mother is destined to grow almost without limits, for eternity, making us very useful in the divine family business of turning the grand universe and all its beings into the beautiful perfection of Havona.

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