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Who Is She?

Our Mother God (aka Our Local Universe Mother Spirit) is a real spirit person. She is the equal and eternal partner of Our Local Universe Sovereign Ruler, Christ Michael aka Our Local Universe Father God.                                                                                      

Just as each of us are the progeny of our earthly, biological mother and father, so are we also the beloved children of our Divine Spiritual Parents.

Who Are We?

A few years ago, Lucretia invited a core group of people that she thought of as Mother-Lovers to join together in an exploration of Our Local Universe Mother Spirit, (who is more commonly known as the Holy Spirit) but whom we also refer to as Our Mother God. 

We five continued to meet regularly via zoom to share our love of Our Local Universe Mother & Our Local Universe Father (who is more commonly known as Jesus Christ / Christ Michael) and to especially enhance our understanding of Her, Our Mother God.

Our Angels

Our Mother God is also the Creator-Mother of our own personal guardian angels, the loving spirit beings closest to us and most directly representative of Her presence in our daily lives. 

Our Mother God does “joyfully undergo an amazing series of divinity attenuations” until She stands by our sides as our angels (seraphim) guiding us through life. She  “downsteps” Herself in this way so we can receive even greater personal benefits from her mercy ministry in our lives.

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