Currently, there’s a rising tide of interest in the Divine Feminine, but little information about her, limiting her influence. The world urgently needs a shared vision of Mother’s values and goals. Students of The Urantia Book have a wealth of knowledge about Our Mother God and her role that others do not have. No other faith tradition acknowledges the Divine Feminine as an equal co-partner to the Father in Heaven. If Adam and Eve had not defaulted, we would have had a role model of male/female spiritual partnership, but, as things are, Urantians have unique information that positions them to be of assistance in this time.

Listing the principles of the Divine Feminine can help others know her better, and provide a common standard for conduct. Consequently, a group of women came together to try to articulate the desires of our Universe Mother Spirit based on what The Urantia Book tells us. We acknowledge that it’s impossible for anyone to be sure what our Divine Mother desires. Her principles will evolve over time as spiritual insight and wisdom grow on the planet.

Nevertheless, these are the Principles of the Divine Feminine that we identified:

  • Earth is like a womb created to nurture and maintain life; thus, everyone has a part to play in healing and sustaining our environment.
  • Women are the invaluable true co-partners of men; all of life is uplifted and empowered when women are supported to share their gifts and fill their rightful place.
  • Male/female relationships should reflect respect, caring, and gender equity, recognize the vital contributions of each sex, and assist in restoring gender balance in the world. The Divine Feminine desires healthy and loving relationships between people of all sexes.
  • Every child must be deeply cherished and nurtured to promote the optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each individual and the whole.
  • As a mother hopes her children will treat each other well, so the Divine Feminine yearns for peace and harmony among her children on Earth.
  • The highest wisdom within every faith tradition is enhanced and ennobled when the feminine aspects of the Divine are acknowledged and celebrated.
  • Life is a sacred experience; cultivating a growing consciousness of the divine is our ultimate opportunity and sacred trust.

Mother Spirit’s influence is urgently needed, and in drafting the Principles of the Divine Feminine, we sought to articulate what she might want. By bringing forth a declaration of the principles of the Divine Feminine, we can assist in building a shared vision of her values to inspire a global transformation. We hope the document will be used to guide the transition to a more just, sustainable, and caring world.

Meredith Tenney, who enjoyed a dual career as a lawyer and later a midwife, first became involved with the Universe Mother Spirit in 2001 and was a founding member of the East Coast Women’s Corps. Over the next 20 years, she offered presentations on the Divine Feminine and Michael and Mother’s partnership at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia, the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gather the Women’s Women’s Continental Congress in Australia, and at the Divine Feminine pre-conference retreat at IC’17. She was an active member of the Sisters in Spirit until her death in 2021. Among her writings is a wonderful article, Principles of the Divine Feminine, published in The Mighty Messenger.

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