Who Is She?

Our Mother God (aka Our Local Universe Mother Spirit) is a real spirit person. She is the equal and eternal partner of Our Local Universe Sovereign Ruler, Christ Michael aka Our Local Universe Father God.

Just as each of us are the progeny of our earthly, biological mother and father, so are we also the beloved children of our Divine Spiritual Parents.

Our Mother God and Our Father God are not simply symbols or allegorical characters. They are both real spirit persons who designed and co-created us. They are loving, personal parents who know us, understand us and adore us. Their unconditional love surrounds us and upholds us in every moment, in every situation.

Our planetary culture has long-ignored Our Mother God but She has never ignored us. We are Her earthly children. She is always with us. She sends Her Daughter Angels to teach, guide and comfort us. Her Holy Spirit encircles us.

The Spirit of Truth from Our Local Universe Father God dwells within us as we dwell within the spirit of Our Mother God. Like the life-sustaining umbilical connection in the womb between mother and child, we are connected to Our Local Universe Mother Spirit, Our Mother God. We live and breathe and have our consciousness within Her.

While our understanding of God as Our Universal Father has matured and developed throughout the history of our planetary evolution, along with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is a Creator Son of God and Sovereign Ruler of this Local Universe, it seems that the time has come for the global recognition that Our Local Universe Mother Spirit (commonly known as The Holy Spirit) is a Creative Daughter of God, Divine Minister of this Local Universe, and Equal Co-creative Partner with Our Creator Son.

Even though this information has long been delayed and overlooked, now with this New Revelation regarding Our Local Universe Mother Spirit, we have the understanding that will expand our consciousness and enable us to build a deep and eternal relationship with Our Mother God. 

In many ways She is a glorious mystery to us. Yet we need only open our hearts and our minds to Our Mother God’s spirit presence to begin our journey with Her.

Source: The Urantia Book

We invite you to join us in our continuing exploration into the mystery of Our Mother God.

Our Mother God is…
  • Encircling us now.
  • Constant & caring.
  • A loving spirit person.
  • Always & forever present.
  • Our Universe Mother Spirit.
  • Always helping us move forward.
  • The creator mother of our universe.
  • Personally present in our daily lives.
  • Equal creative partner with our creator father.
  • The bestower of mind; the source of all mind.
  • The giver of the breath of life that we breathe.
  • Mother of the angels who comfort & guide us.
  • Within whom we live, breathe & have our lives.
  • Local universe manifestation of Our Paradise Mother Spirit.

Source: The Urantia Book

We invite you to join us in our continuing exploration into the mystery of Our Mother God.