The Creation And Union Of Our Divine Universe Parents

Once upon a time in Paradise in the unimaginably distant past, the Universal Father and the Eternal Mother Son gave birth to a wholly unique Creator Son named Michael, the 611,121st  of his divine order. Simultaneously the Infinite Spirit individualized a new and unique representation of herself, a Creative Daughter, possessed of the awesome creative powers of her Divine Parent and also bearing the identical number 611,121 of the Creator Son. This pair became our divine parents, the creators of our local universe of Nebadon with its potential ten million worlds.

It is fascinating to see how their loving partnership is part of the original family pattern of the Paradise Trinity. Before embarking on their universe-building career, their union is blessed by the Universal Father who speaks in acknowledgment of the eternal joining of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit and in confirmation of the bestowal of certain joint powers of administration by the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction.

This divine pair is created at the same time and destined to spend eternity together as they personally progress towards absolute perfection while guiding the evolutionary development of their local universe and all the personal beings within it (mortal ascenders, angels, universe citizens, and other celestial personality orders) towards the supreme attainment of Havona perfection.  

From the Urantia revelatory perspective, the rule of our local universe changed significantly some 2,000 years ago with the “Proclamation of Equality” by the Creator Son to his entire universe with respect to his relationship with the Mother Spirit. The Creator Son declared that he and the Mother Spirit rule together as equals. Their power is equally shared. One does not act without the advice and consent of the other. These powerful Creators consult with each other and uphold each other’s decisions. Neither dictates to the other nor requires submission to his or her absolute authority. Despite this universal model of equality, the people of Urantia (our planet Earth) are largely ignorant of this fact due to a tragic miscarriage of the evolutionary plan for our world in the distant past.

What if more people discovered the expanded divine truth that God has both maternal and paternal personifications and functions? That, without taking anything away from the Universal Father, we have a universe Mother God as well as a Father God?

Indeed, the Paradise Trinity presents God as Father, Mother, and Child. This is the essential pattern of spiritual family relationships throughout the grand universe.

What effects might this heavenly model have on our earthly cultural mores, social interactions, and national laws if it were to be fully and accurately revealed in our day and age? Try to imagine such a world and let’s work together to spread this good news and support the great spiritual awakening that our world civilization is presently undergoing!

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