Quotes From Women About Our Mother God

Women all around the world love to gather together. We love to tell our stories, voice our hopes and reveal our dreams. More and more, we are coming together in circles of sacred trust where we honor and celebrate Our Mother God. In our monthly Sisters Sharing Circles, we pray for each other while encouraging and uplifting one another. Every one of us has her own way of understanding and experiencing Our Mother God. 

Here are a few comments made by women about Her in one of our Sisters Sharing Circles: 

Our Cosmic Mother is coordinating our minds. She is the author of the journey.

I am consciously cultivating a relationship with Her. I ask her to help me with…everything.

I can ask for Mother’s support. I can ask for my sisters’ support.

Mother helps me learn lessons. It’s not about my failure – it’s about my understanding.

I am letting go of trying to find solutions. Mother carries our burdens.

I want to get more in touch with Mother. She is really needed on our planet.

I want to understand God as a whole - Mother/Father, creator of our environment.

My prayer is: ‘Dear Mother, please help me.’ I want to say yes with humor & joy.

By learning more about Mother, I am learning more about Jesus.

Mother made Herself known to me & I learned to love myself.

Mother, help me get my house in order, help me move from chaos to order & beauty.

Remember to ask for Mother’s guidance. Become spiritual leaders wherever you are.

I am going deep into gratitude and working on changing my attitude.

When I walk through a forest, I’m not just walking on a path; I am walking through Mother.

Our bodies are sacred space. We experience The Supreme Mother together.

I often ask for Mother’s help and hear her guidance.


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