Our Father God and Our Mother God

Surprisingly, some long-time students of The Urantia Book, including high-profile leaders within the Urantia community, frequently contest the equality of Our Mother God and Our Father God.  

Also surprising to me is the fact that only in the last few years have Urantia Book students begun to delve deeply into those teachings that clearly reveal the nature of God as Our Mother.  I wonder why it took so long.

We are told in the Urantia Book in Paper 84 that “Woman… has always been the moral standard-bearer and the spiritual leader of [hu]mankind.” (84:6.4)  But we also know there is a long history of sexual inequality on our planet. For instance, in Canada where I live, women were not legally considered “persons” until 1929. That’s less than 100 years ago.

In Paper 49, we are told by a Melchizedek of the Jerusem School of Planetary Administration:  “We do not regard a planet as having emerged from barbarism so long as one sex seeks to tyrannize over the other.” (49:4.4)

Clearly, Urantia suffers under a planetary sex inequality that includes an age-long tendency towards a religious and spiritual patriarchy that has delayed and obfuscated our understanding of God as both our Divine Father and Our Divine Mother!

Jesus knew and taught not only equality between men and women; he also introduced us to the Mother Spirit, his very own beloved co-creator and the personalized local universe manifestation of our Paradise Mother Spirit AKA the Infinite Spirit of the Paradise Trinity. 

Jesus said: “The Father in heaven treats the Spirit Mother of the children of the universe as one equal to himself.”  Jesus also said “… the Father in heaven honors and exalts the Infinite Spirit, the mother of all the spirit children of a vast universe.”  (133:2.2)

During his Urantian bestowal, Jesus introduced a prayer to both our Divine Mother and Father: “Glorious Father and Mother in One Parent Combined, Loyal would we be to your nature….”

This revelation that God is equally Our Mother and Our Father is GREAT news.

Paper 194 admonishes us to “restate the Jesus message so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel…” (194:2.1)

Imagine the positive influence this new revelation will have upon our world. We are a two-parent family. God is Our Mother and Our Father. We live in amazing times. We are called to work together to bring Urantia another step closer to Light & Life.  Are you willing?

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