Michelle Klimesh

Michelle Klimesh was raised in a Catholic family. After a crisis of faith turned her into an agnostic, Michelle spent her teenage years investigating alternative spiritual paths. She found The Urantia Book in 1973 and immediately became enchanted. Michelle attended study group at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley that summer before reading on her own for seventeen years.

Michelle began looking for other readers when her two daughters were young, hoping that someone else had invented a children’s version of the text. In what now seems suspiciously like angelic intervention, Michelle found and joined Sara Blackstock’s study group.

The Urantia Book became a significant building block of her faith journey. Running her business, a gymnastics school, seemed simple because she had the blueprint for an entire universe on her bookshelf. The inspiration and example of how Jesus and Mary raised his family was absolutely priceless to Michelle as a parent. She shudders to imagine how she would have raised her family without knowing how Jesus raised his siblings.

Twice elected President of the Golden Gate Circle Society, Michelle also served for 18 years on the General Council of The Urantia Book Fellowship with terms as Secretary, Education Chair, Secretary General, and President.

Michelle Klimesh is also the author of the amazing book entitled, “The Story of Everything” which is a beautiful way to introduce new readers and young people to the teachings of The Urantia Book.

Michelle currently lives in California with her husband, Aaron.